Coates Hire & Humpty Dumpty Foundation Enhancing Childrens Lives
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Coates Hire & Humpty Dumpty Foundation Enhancing Childrens Lives

Rally Australia sponsor Coates Hire and the Humpty Dumpty Foundation will significantly enhance childrens lives in the Coffs Harbour region with the donation of a much‐needed Vital Signs Monitor and a Oximax Handheld Pulse Oximeter (valued at almost $5,000) to the Coffs Harbour Health Campus Pediatric & Adolescent Unit.

Coates Hire CEO Leigh Ainsworth, who grew up in Sawtell and attended school in Coffs Harbour, is delighted to provide this vital contribution to the area. “The Humpty Dumpty Foundation makes a big difference to the lives of children and their families across Australia and we are very proud to support the great work they do.

“Coates Hire is also proud to be the naming rights sponsor of the Coates Hire Rally Australia here in Coffs Harbour and we thank the local community for supporting such a great event. We also thank the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for the opportunity to support the Coffs Harbour Health Campus”.

“Coates Hire has been an extremely valued supporter of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for over 10 years. It is through the ongoing generosity of organisations like Coates Hire along with members of the community that Humpty Dumpty Foundation can continue to deliver essential pieces of equipment to hospitals and health services across Australia.

“In the past we have donated several pieces of equipment to the Coffs Harbour Health Campus including most recently and Infant Resuscitation Cot valued at $22,500 and hope these two latest pieces will assist in caring for the young community of Coffs Harbour” said Executive Chairman and Founder of Humpty Dumpty Foundation, Paul Francis.

The Vital Signs Monitor with Stand measures a child’s vital signs – temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels ‐ and ensures medical staff can quickly and effectively respond to changes in a sick child.

The Oximax Handheld Pulse Oximeter measures the oxygen levels in a child’s body providing the child with the close monitoring required when first admitted to hospital. Oxygen levels need to be monitored to maintain the respiratory and heart rate of a child.

About Coates Hire
Coates Hire is Australia’s largest equipment hire company with over 125 years experience in industry, supplying to a wide variety of markets including Engineering and Building Construction & Maintenance, Mining & Resources, Manufacturing, Government, and Events.

With over 230 branches and satellite locations, our own maintenance and transport capability, Coates Hire is well positioned to satisfy the equipment hire needs of an ever-increasing customer base.

Today Coates Hire is the market leader in the Australian hire equipment industry and is the 5th largest Hire Equipment Company globally.

About The Humpty Dumpty Foundation
The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a children’s charity that continues to make a significant impact on the lives of sick children at children’s hospitals and health service centres in every state of Australia.

To date, 210 hospitals across the nation have received equipment provided by the Humpty Dumpty Foundation and its amazing “Good Eggs” supporters.

Hospitals wishing to receive medical equipment should apply at or contact the Foundation on 02 9439 0511.

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